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18 AIP Coffee Recipes That Will Make You Want To Ditch Regular Coffee For Good

Louise Hendon | July 28

I’m a big coffee fiend, and having to give up coffee even for a week seems tough! So, what about on AIP?

Can you still drink coffee just without the regular milk? Or do you have to switch to tea completely instead?

Is coffee AIP?

Quick answer: No.

On strict AIP, it’s suggested you omit coffee. This is partially because of the caffeine in coffee and partially because coffee is made from a “bean” and so could potentially have other issues for autoimmune condition sufferers.

So, just switching to decaf coffee isn’t a solution unfortunately.

Luckily, there are delicious alternatives…

AIP Coffee – Chicory Root

One of my favorite coffee substitutes on AIP is chicory root coffee. While it doesn’t taste quite the same (it’s a bit milder), it does make a great caffeine-free, coffee alternative.

And you can add in your favorite AIP-friendly creamers like coconut milk (and coconut oil) with a dash of honey to make a simple morning cup of coffee.

Prefer lattes and frappucinnos? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out the 18 AIP coffee recipes below for all sorts of delicious concoctions that’ll make you forget about Starbucks.

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36 AIP Chicken Breast Recipes That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Louise Hendon | July 27

Sometimes, AIP feels like a constant battle.

On the one hand…you feel so much better.

On the other…you get so bored of eating this way. Sitting down to the same boring chicken and salad every night…none of the various flavors and textures and aromas you used to enjoy.

Well, fear not!

There is a cure for food boredom.

No, we can’t change what foods are allowed on AIP. But we CAN help you prepare them in new and interesting ways!

Changing up how you season and prepare a simple chicken breast can do wonders for dinner time. It takes it from just chicken to a delicious AIP-friendly meal that won’t make your autoimmune disease flare up!

In this post we’ve got chicken soups, stir frys, dinners, and more, in all kinds of flavors: citrus, honey, garlic, ginger, asian-inspired, classic American, and more.
Try a few and end the boredom!

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34 AIP Turmeric Recipes You Should Have Tried Years Ago

Louise | July 26

You know, those mornings when you wake up extra sore and achy? Maybe the weather’s changed or you overdid it a bit or you’re just having a flare-up.

Those are the days when you need a little bit more TLC. When your body could use some extra support.

And even though AIP removes inflammatory foods from your diet, you can take that one step further and add an anti-inflammatory spice to your meals!

I’m talking about Turmeric.

This distinctive, golden-yellow spice has a pungent, almost mustard-like smell, and has been used for thousands of years to ease digestive distress, heal skin conditions, and more.

Turmeric is a power anti-inflammatory and is commonly used today to help treat arthritis, joint pain, and many other conditions.

And since inflammation plays a role in nearly every major Western illness and autoimmune disease, Turmeric helps treat those illnesses at the source of the problem.

So on those days when you’re feeling particularly achy…when the weather turns or you have a flare up…try one of these 34 delicious Turmeric recipes!
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35 Creative AIP Cauliflower Recipes

Louise Hendon | July 8

Cauliflower is the unsung hero of the AIP diet…

…and that’s not just because you can use cauliflower to create replacements for naan bread, pizza crusts, tacos, and rice.

Although we’ll admit, that’s a big part of why we love cauliflower so much! Finding AIP-friendly alternatives to our favorite dishes can make the diet much easier to stick to, after all. But you can use cauliflower in much more creative ways, too.

From delicious dips to simple sides and exciting entrees, you can turn cauliflower into pretty much anything! You’ll find all sorts of surprises in this list – did you know cauliflower makes a great base for AIP hummus?

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31 A+ AIP Asparagus Recipes

Louise Hendon | June 30

Asparagus is often known as the world’s healthiest food. And it’s easy to see why! This slender veggie is packed with vitamins C and E, not to mention full of folate and dietary fiber. It’s also super easy on the digestive system, making it perfect for an AIP lifestyle!

Although it has a notoriously short growing season, I always try and use as much asparagus as I can when it’s around in farmers’ markets or the grocery store.

In honor of these lovely summer days, I’ve put together my favorite asparagus-forward recipes- from simple preparations on the grill to elaborate mains and side dishes, all perfect for summer!

One of my favorites is the asparagus salad with fennel – where a veggie peeler creates beautiful ribbons of both vegetables for an elegant main course salad.

And here’s a bonus tip: not only are these recipes good for AIP, but most are also Keto and Paleo-friendly too!

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34 AIP Fourth of July Recipes Perfect for Picnics!

Louise Hendon | June 27

From warm afternoon picnics to evening firework displays, the Fourth of July always make me think of the great foods of summer. So many AIP-friendly foods are a natural fit for this time of year, from easy grill-able veggies, like sweet potato or asparagus, to delicious summer berries, perfect for dessert.

So, to get ready for fireworks season this year, I’ve put together my favorite AIP-friendly Fourth of July recipes.

With over thirty recipes, this list is perfect for a day of friends, family, picnics, parades, and, of course, fireworks! From easy summery dips and salads, like a mayo-free coleslaw, to avocado burgers and chicken skewers for main courses. I’ve even put some great red, white, and blue dessert options on this list, like a fantastic summer berry trifle, perfect for celebrating Independence Day!

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35 Amazing AIP Avocado Recipes

Louise Hendon | June 20

Did you know avocados used to be known as alligator pears? Although they’re technically a giant berry (with a large seed or pit at the center), avocados are one of the most versatile foods around, easy and delicious to use in breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

And they’re perfect for those of us on an AIP diet: they can easily take the place of other irritating fats, veggies, or even fruits in so many recipes!

I’ve put together a list of my favorite AIP avocado recipes to showcase how easy they are to use every day. From delectable avocado smoothies to fried avocado side dishes to even a few recipes for avocado muffins!

And, don’t worry, there are even a few traditional guacamole recipes on here. But have you tried avocado pesto or avocado hummus? Expand your avocado lifestyle with these fantastic and inventive recipes. You’ll never look at an avocado the same way again!

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36 Boast-Worthy AIP Brussels Sprout Recipes

Louise Hendon | June 13

They may not look it, but Brussels sprouts are cruciferous vegetables, part of the same veggie family as broccoli and kale. Which means they’re also powerhouses of vitamins and nutrients! Full of antioxidants, fiber, even protein- there’s no reason not to enjoy sprouts as often as possible.

Personally, I’m always trying to up my cruciferous vegetable intake with the AIP lifestyle. And this list of delicious Brussels sprouts recipes is a lifesaver when I’m tired of regular cabbage or cauliflower and need a little inspiration for veggie mains or sides.

From roasted sprouts drizzled with balsamic vinegar to a delicious bacon and Brussel sprout soup, these recipes will make it super easy to get these little green gems on your plate.

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30 AIP Steak Recipes That Sizzle!

Louise Hendon | June 11

Although steak (along with most cuts of beef and pork) naturally fits within the AIP lifestyle, the marinades, dressings, and sides that often accompany them are often full of difficult ingredients.

But, don’t worry, steak night is saved! We’ve put together a list of 30 different AIP-friendly steak recipes, all guaranteed to be free of any problematic or irritating ingredients.

From main course steak recipes, like sirloin with garlic or prosciutto-wrapped beef tenderloin, to delicious steak-based dishes, like a beef and greens stir fry or steak and cucumber noodle bowl, you won’t have to worry about irritating sauces or marinades on this list!

Plus, so many of these recipes come with great AIP-friendly sides- from sweet potato wedges to celeriac puree to roasted mushrooms with thyme. Steak night is back on the menu!

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36 Simple but Sensational AIP Spinach Recipes

Louise Hendon | June 4

By now, everyone knows how nutritious spinach is. And how can you not? It’s the original superfood! And, although it’s perfect for people on AIP, a spinach salad day after day can get a little dull. That’s why I’ve put together this list of over 35 AIP-friendly spinach recipes.

Forget the salads – we’ve developed tons of finger-licking recipes chock full of this hearty green! From savory spinach chicken meatballs to creamy spinach and avocado dips, you’ll find spinach in every nook and cranny of this list.

From super-trendy “green smoothies” bursting with greens to spinach guacamole (trust us, it’s delicious!) to salt and lime spinach chips (perfect for snacking!), every recipe is nutrition-filled green bomb of delight! You’ll be as strong as Popeye with this list of AIP-friendly spinach recipes.

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32 Super Easy AIP Snack Recipes

Louise | May 9

Snacks can be a lifesaver between meals, whether you’re in need of an energy boost or just a quick nibble of something sweet.

But if you’re not careful, snacks can a black hole of nutrition, full of processed food that will leave you queasy and unsatisfied. Not to worry! You can the savior of snacks with this easy AIP-friendly list.

Chock full of chip and dip recipes, from delicious plantain crackers to super easy guacamole, this list is great for sweet and savory bites to help keep you full throughout the day. Each and every recipe is AIP-friendly, so you can snack happy!

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36 Lovely AIP Lunch Recipes

Louise Hendon | May 2

Breakfast may be thought of as the most important meal of the day, but you can’t forget about lunch! Whether you’re in the middle of a hectic workday or enjoying a relaxing weekend meal, lunch is what gets us all through a midday energy slump.

Keeping your energy up and your body healthy is so important as when you’re on AIP. And with this list of AIP lunch recipes, you’ll never have to worry about finding a last-minute unhealthy lunchtime nosh!

With just a bit of prep work, you can have a lunch to be jealous of! From an elegant AIP-friendly Waldorf Salad to easy Tuna Bites that can be enjoyed hot or cold, this list of recipes has everything to make the perfect AIP-friendly lunch seven days a week!
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30 AIP Salmon Recipes Fresh From the Sea!

Louise Hendon | April 25

Salmon is one of my favorite fish. Sure, I love the taste but did you know it’s one of the healthiest fish you can buy? Packed with healthy fats and omega 3 fatty acids, salmon is a fantastic superfood. Whether its smoked, baked, or poached, it’s easy to find ways to enjoy this delicious succulent protein with our list of 30 AIP salmon recipes.

With a quick sauté or a few minutes on the grill, salmon can be ready to eat in minutes. But why not try a few new recipes that showcase salmon’s delicious texture and flavors?

This AIP salmon list features so many inventive ways to incorporate salmon into your diet. From a smoked salmon and cucumber ham wrap, perfect for an easy lunch, to a warming celery cilantro salmon stew. There are over 30 AIP-friendly recipes on the list that will help you to enjoy salmon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
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25 AIP Hamburger Recipes That Will Make You Flip

Louise Hendon | April 11

For me, hamburgers are basically the perfect AIP-friendly food. They’re a fantastic one-dish meal that is almost infinitely customizable. To showcase some of my favorites, I put together this list of 25 AIP-friendly hamburger recipes.

From delicious mushroom burgers to veggie-packed zucchini avocado burgers to elegant wild salmon bacon burgers, this list has an AIP hamburger recipe for every occasion. We’ve also included some AIP-friendly buns and rolls, along with some new twists on such as inventive mushroom and sweet potato bun replacements.

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