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Coconut-Free AIP Desserts: 17 Autoimmune-Friendly Recipes (+ Downloadable List)

Louise | July 5
Coconut-Free AIP Desserts: 18 Autoimmune-Friendly Recipes (+ Downloadable List)

It can be hard finding coconut-free AIP dessert recipes! (AIP is a diet that helps many people with autoimmune conditions.)

You’re already cutting out gluten, dairy, nut flours, eggs, nut butters…

So if you happen to be bored or allergic to coconut as well, then it can seem like there’s really nothing you can eat when it comes to desserts!

Coconut Ingredients and Their Substitutions

Just think of all the coconut ingredients you typically see in AIP dessert recipes:

  • Coconut cream,
  • Coconut milk,
  • Coconut shreds or flakes,
  • Coconut oil,
  • Coconut butter, and even
  • Coconut water!

What can you use instead of coconut?

Unfortunately, there are no great substitutions when you’re staying AIP, but here are some general ideas. (If you’re not AIP, then we have a post on general coconut substitutions here.)

  • Coconut flour – Use Tapioca, Cassava, or Tigernut flour
  • Coconut shreds or flakes – Use dried fruits
  • Coconut butter – no good substitution available
  • Coconut oil – olive oil, avocado oil
  • Coconut milk – no good substitution available
  • Coconut cream – frozen bananas, mangos, and pineapples blended or mashed avocados

Making AIP easier for you…

So this list of coconut-free AIP desserts is for those of you who want to stay coconut-free while on an AIP (Paleo autoimmune protocol) diet. If you’re looking for other AIP dessert recipes, then check out our bigger list here.

As always, remember to check the ingredients list for each recipe to make sure they don’t contain anything you’re sensitive to. Although they all fit the AIP guidelines and won’t break your diet, you’re the best judge of what makes your autoimmune symptoms flare up.

Enjoy these coconut-free AIP desserts even if you’re not on AIP

Whether you’re Paleo or just gluten/dairy-free, these treats are the perfect healthy indulgences. And if you’ve got an allergy to coconut (or you’re just plain sick of the taste) but still want to enjoy a sweet treat, this is a great list of solutions.

If you’d like this entire list of recipes as a downloadable pdf, you can click on the green button below – or to read them now just keep scrolling.

Table Of Contents – AIP Coconut-Free Dessert Recipes

AIP Coconut-Free Jello Dessert Recipes

Jello (Strawberry/Blueberry Flavor)

– Paleo Flourish
Paleo Jello AIP Gelatin Recipes - #AIP #recipes #gelatin
Ingredients: strawberries, blueberries, gelatin powder, water.

One of the best things about homemade jello dishes is that you are in charge of what ingredients you use, so you can ensure you only use healthy produce and no additives. This mousse-like AIP dessert has no added sweetener and uses only berries as the source of sweetness, giving this jello a natural freshness.

Herbal Tea Jello

– Healing Redefined
Ingredients: hibiscus tea, lemon juice, maple syrup, gelatin.

Hibiscus tea is great for calming the nervous system, just in the same way as chamomile tea. Although this recipe uses hibiscus tea, you can substitute any form of herbal infusion to get the health benefits you are looking for. For example, you can use raspberry leaf tea if the kids have stomach upsets, or to combat nausea if you are pregnant.

Homemade Healthy Jello Snacks

– Primally Inspired
Ingredients: unsweetened fruit juice or fruit puree, beef gelatin, raw honey.

Here is a very versatile recipe which gives you the basis to create your own flavors, depending on your own, or your family’s tastes. You can use whatever fruit you like and it doesn’t have to be citrus – berries work well too! Gelatin is tasteless so just go wild discovering new flavor combos. Jello also makes a great dessert at kid’s parties, either made solid to eat in cubes, or using less gelatin to make a spoonable dessert.

Kombucha Jello

– Swiss Paleo
Ingredients: kombucha, water, gelatin, fruit of choice (optional), honey (optional).

Kombucha is a form of fermented green or black tea drink which is reported to have several health-related benefits, so when added to the gelatin, it can be a very healthy way to get the goodness into you. Again, you can use the natural sugars in the fruit to sweeten this drink, or you can add the honey if you like it extra sweet.

Berry Terrine

– The Paleo Mom
AIP Coconut Free Desserts #aip -
Ingredients: mixed berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries), fresh mint leaves, orange zest, lemon zest, boiling water, gelatin, cold water, honey (optional), fresh lemon juice.
Photo Credit: Sarah from The Paleo Mom

This is such an impressive and appealing dessert that it would be perfect served in a wine glass for an elegant final course at a dinner party. This autoimmune-friendly terrine has the zesty flavor of citrus and the natural sweetness of the fruit, as well as giving you all the health benefits associated with natural gelatin.

Sour Watermelon Homemade Gummies

– Meatified
AIP Coconut Free Desserts #aip -
Ingredients: watermelon, grass fed gelatin, lemon juice, honey (optional).
Photo Credit: Rach from Meatified

Imagine if you could eat sweet treats that are good for you! Well, here is the answer. Gummies are easy to make and can be made with whatever fruit juice you have. Plus, there are many AIP-friendly gummies recipes and can be easily adapted to omit any other allergens or ingredients you don’t want to eat. They can even be made in ice-cube trays if you don’t have molds, although they are readily available in hardware stores and online.

Homemade Marshmallows

– Mommypotamus
Ingredients: water, grass-fed gelatin, honey, vanilla extract, sea salt, natural food dye (optional).

Homemade marshmallows somehow make you think of decadent sweet treats, but of course they are good for you too! Gelatin is so good for your hair and nails and can help aid digestive disorders, so these treats can be a great gift for friends or family members who are a bit off color. Just be aware of the type of vanilla extract you use and the food dye you add in if you’re on the Paleo autoimmune protocol. You can also omit those ingredients just to be on the safe side.

AIP Coconut-Free Sorbets and Frozen Dessert Recipes

Blueberry Lemon Ginger Sorbet

– This Is So Good
Ingredients: blueberries, lemon zest, lemon juice, ginger, honey.

Lemon and blueberries make a lovely combination and the subtle heat from the ginger is great. However if you are not too keen you can leave it out. Blueberries are full of anti-oxidants and are a little burst of freshness when you eat them raw. That’s why this sorbet is refreshing and perfect to serve on a hot summer day!

Watermelon Lime Sorbet and Ice Cups

– Primally Inspired
Ingredients: watermelon, lime juice, pure raw honey, sea salt, lime shells and mini chocolate chips (optional).

Watermelon is so refreshing, especially in the summer, so these little ice cups are a fantastic dish to serve at a family barbecue or party! This recipe does include optional chocolate chips (they make perfect ‘seeds’ for the top), but you can omit those or use carob chips instead for an autoimmune-friendly substitute. By adding the salt you prevent the sorbet from turning too icy when frozen, so it is easier to serve up when you are ready.

Pineapple and Lychee Granita

– The Paleo Mom
AIP Coconut Free Desserts #aip -
Ingredients: fresh lychee, rambutan or longan, fresh pineapple chunks, limes, salt.
Photo Credit: Sarah from The Paleo Mom

This recipe gives you a totally tropical taste experience! Granita is dairy-free and very impressive when served as a dessert and although it takes some time to make, you don’t need any fancy equipment. This is such a zesty and flavorful dish that it would be ideal for serving to friends in the summer.

AIP Coconut-Free Sauces and Jam Dessert Recipes

Blackberry Freezer Jam

– A Girl Worth Saving
AIP Coconut Free Desserts #aip -
Ingredients: blackberries, sea salt, vanilla, honey, gelatin.
Photo Credit: Kelly Bejelly from A Girl Worth Saving

Sometimes you just have to have jam – nothing else will do – so here is the best recipe for a jam that can be stored in the fridge and is a great way to cook with frozen fruit. It is sweet, fruity and delicious and can satisfy anyone’s desire for jam. Frozen raspberries and blueberries would also make great ingredients if you need a change of flavor.

Cranberry Sauce

– Paleo Effect
AIP Coconut Free Desserts #aip -
Ingredients: cranberries, orange juice, raw honey, maple syrup, fresh ginger, orange zest, ground cinnamon, oranges pieces (optional).
Photo Credit: Meghan & Angel from The Paleo Effect

Store-bought cranberry sauce can be so full of additives that the flavor of the cranberries is masked, so try making your own at home for a completely new experience! Perfect for Thanksgiving, at Christmas or just as a side for turkey, this sauce is tangy, fruity and has a bit of warmth from the cinnamon.

Other AIP Coconut-Free Desserts

Honey-Glazed Plantain Chips

– Jan’s Sushi Bar
Ingredients: green plantain, palm oil shortening, honey, water.

If you feel the need for a ‘sweetness’ rush then this recipe will be ideal. The fried plantain slices make a lovely garnish or you could use them as a side with ice cream. They are so tasty that the whole family could enjoy them. Just make sure your plantain is still green and not too ripe, otherwise they will be too soft.

Cantaloupe Mint Paletas

– Rubies and Radishes
Ingredients: cantaloupe, lime juice, honey (optional), sea salt, fresh mint leaves.

Paletas originate in Mexican cuisine and are basically popsicles. But with the flavors of the cantaloupe and mint, you get a lovely Mexican-inspired taste. It is a good idea to taste the cantaloupe first before adding the honey, as some are very sweet on their own, and if you are not too keen on mint you could try adding basil instead.

Apple Pie

– The Paleo Mom
AIP Coconut Free Desserts #aip -
Ingredients: cassava flour, salt, cold lard, ice cold water, apples, maple sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest, cinnamon, cloves, mace.
Photo Credit: Sarah from The Paleo Mom

This apple pie recipe contains quite a few spice flavors, all of which compliment the apples perfectly. The lemon juice and zest give a zing to the overall flavor. You can of course reduce the amount of juice and zest if you are not too keen on citrus. If you decide to use a crosshatch pattern for the pastry crust, it is really impressive and looks as if you put a lot of effort in – great if you are having a dinner party – but you can use a flat pastry top instead.

Even without coconut flour or almond flour, you can create amazing baked desserts that are allergen-friendly! Impress your family at Thanksgiving this year with this AIP-friendly, coconut-free apple pie.

Roasted Figs and Cherries Dessert

– Paleo Flourish
Roasted Figs and Cherries Dessert Recipe [Paleo, AIP] #paleo #aip #recipe
Ingredients: figs, cherries, peach, honey.

If you have never tried roasted figs, then now is your chance! Figs taste amazing when partnered with other fruits and this would make a light and deliciously sweet dessert. By adding the honey to the cherry halves you get a slight caramel hint to the dish. If you are avoiding alcohol you can just leave it out, but the port really adds a depth and richness to the fruit.

Persimmon Dessert Cups Stuffed with Butternut Squash

– Paleo Flourish
Ingredients: persimmons, butternut squash puree, cinnamon, cloves.

This dish has the flavors of Christmas, thanks to the cinnamon and nutmeg, and using the persimmon skins is a fantastic way to serve this sweet and spicy dessert. You might not think of using butternut squash in a sweet dish, but it has a natural sweetness of its own – just think of carrot cake! It also has a smooth texture to compliment the filling of the persimmon cups. This is a creative autoimmune-friendly dessert recipe that will impressive your family!

Pinterest Image for AIP Coconut-Free Dessert Recipes

AIP Coconut Free Desserts #aip -

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