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30 Appetizing AIP Fish Recipes [Nut-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free]

Louise | August 11
AIP Fish Recipes

The AIP diet (paleo autoimmune protocol) can often feel very restrictive, and it’s really tough to always be looking through recipes and figuring out if they’re AIP-compliant or not.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of AIP fish recipes, with options for every meal of the day. These recipes are also great if you’re staying nut-free, egg-free, or dairy-free.

You can try Salmon for Breakfast to start your morning, or if you’re looking for lunch ideas there’s the 5-Minute Sardines Salad and Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Ham Wraps.

And there are also some great dinner options to try – entertaining guests at home is the best way to stop your social life taking a nosedive while you’re in the elimination phase of AIP.

Baked Salmon with Cabbage, Apple, Fennel, Mahi with Crispy Sweet Potato Crust and Pan-Fried Apricot Tuna Salad Bites all look impressive but are very easy to prepare. That way, you can spend more time resting and healing your autoimmune condition instead of slaving in the kitchen!

Here are some of the fish used in our list of AIP fish recipes:

  • Salmon – a nutrient dense food full of healthy omega-3 fats,
  • Tuna – which is packed with protein,
  • Sardines – an oily fish that protects bone health and controls inflammation.
  • Cod – an important source of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).
  • Plus other types of fish – like cod, haddock, and Hake, as well as tilapia and mahi mahi. Although if a recipe calls for white fish you can normally use whichever type you have available.

Table Of Contents – AIP Fish Recipes

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AIP Salmon Recipes

Lemon Garlic Salmon with Leek Asparagus Ginger Sauté

– Keto Summit
Lemon Garlic Ghee Salmon with Leek Asparagus Ginger Saute [Paleo, Keto, AIP] #paleo #keto #aip -
Ingredients: salmon, avocado oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt, lemon, asparagus, leek, ginger powder or ginger, olive oil.

Salmon is one of the healthiest fish you can eat, packed with omega 3 and healthy fats, but because it is fatty, it takes strong flavors like ginger to help cut through this. This dish looks so good and yet it can be ready in half an hour, so it would make an impressive meal for a dinner party or for a family lunch. Cooking the salmon in foil helps the fish to absorb all the extra flavor of the garlic and lemon too.

Salmon for Breakfast

– Paleo on a Budget
Ingredients: coconut oil, salmon fillet, thyme, garlic powder, dried dill, salt.

We all know the benefits of eating salmon, so why not use it to start the day! It’s a protein-packed plateful to start your day off right and keep you going till lunch. You also get a lovely herby hit from the dill and thyme, although you might want to go easy on the garlic if you have an important meeting first thing –nobody enjoys garlic breath!

Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Ham Wraps

– Paleo Flourish
AIP Fish Recipes #aip #recipes
Ingredients: ham, cucumber, smoked salmon, coconut cream, green salad.

These tasty wraps are ideal for a lunchtime snack or even for a healthy breakfast. They have a lovely texture since all the layers are sandwiched together with the smooth coconut cream. These are easy to eat, so they would be perfect if you are feeding kids. Or why not try turning them inside out – make cucumber cups, chop the meat and stir in the cream and fill the cups with the mix to make dainty finger food!

Smoked Salmon & Avocado Boats

– Real Food Forager
Ingredients: avocados, smoked salmon, sage, capers, salt, olive oil, coconut aminos, bib lettuce.

This recipe is a total explosion of textures and tastes, from the smooth and creamy avocado to the smoky salmon and the freshness of the sage. This makes a really impressive starter for entertaining guests, yet it is quite simple to prepare. Try to buy the best smoked salmon you can afford, as the more expensive wild salmon has a flavor all its own!

Baked Salmon with Cabbage, Apple, Fennel

– Paleo Flourish
AIP Fish Recipes #aip #recipes
Ingredients: salmon fillets, olive oil, cabbage, fennel, apples, chicken broth or water, coconut oil, bacon, salt.

Using the bacon as a topping for this salmon gives the whole dish a professional and appealing look, so this would be good when you are entertaining. The apples and fennel give this dish an original mix of flavors and of course we know how well fennel goes with most fish. You can use any cabbage that you like, but one idea would be to try using red cabbage as a way to add to the color.

One-Pan Roasted Salmon and Broccolini

– Oh Snap! Let’s Eat!
Ingredients: salmon fillets, broccolini, garlic, lemon, dried dill, sea salt, fat of choice.

The idea of cooking a whole meal in one pot is so appealing to anyone who has a busy lifestyle and doesn’t have the time to prepare a complex meal. This way of roasting the salmon and vegetables keeps the meal simple but delicious, giving you a light but flavorful dinner option. If you can’t find broccolini you could use other vegetables instead – why not try it with asparagus?

Super Fast Smoked Salmon Salad

– Paleo Flourish
AIP Fish Recipes
Ingredients: smoked salmon, blueberries, salad greens, olive oil, balsamic vinegar.

You get a real burst of flavor from the blueberries in this salad and, as we have said before, salmon and fruit are great partners. This is a quick and easy recipe to throw together, ideal if folks drop in for lunch. It also makes a fantastic salad to pack and take to work. The flavors are refreshing and the smoky taste of the salmon is beautifully offset by the fresh fruit and greens.

Hot Smoked Salmon Spread

AIP Fish Recipes
Ingredients: smoked salmon, canned salmon, coconut milk, lemon juice, chives, green onions.
Photo Credit: Rach from Meatified

Talk about luxury and decadent flavors! This spread is so delicious that it can’t fail to impress. Hot smoked salmon has a firmer texture and a real meaty flavor, making it great for turning into a pate or spread. Even though it tastes luxurious, there is no cooking involved so it can be prepared in just a few minutes. Pile it onto cucumber slices or into tiny lettuce leaves to make wonderful party food!

Salmon Stew/Kitchen Sink Soup

– Paleo Flourish
AIP Fish Recipes
Ingredients: chicken broth, salmon fillets, parsley, Swiss chard or spinach or cavalo, Italian squash, garlic, lemon juice, salt.

I can almost hear you thinking “why kitchen sink”? It’s because that’s what you can use in this recipe – everything but the kitchen sink! This soup tastes great because the veggies go well with the salmon, but you can use the recipe as a base and add whatever veggies and protein you have. For example you could use chicken with leeks and celery, or turkey with kale and broccoli. Just have fun with different ideas!

Whole Roasted Salmon with Grapefruit and Leeks

– Slim Palate
AIP Fish Recipes
Ingredients: salmon, leeks, garlic, grapefruit, thyme, salt.
Photo Credit: Joshua from Slim Palate

If you really want to impress, cooking a whole salmon is bound to give you the desired result! If you think about the fattiness of flavor in the salmon, you can appreciate that the tanginess of the grapefruit would go so well here. Fresh leeks can be chopped and stored in bags in the freezer, ready to be used in a recipe like this one, or all the better if you grow your own!

Baked Rosemary Salmon

– Paleo Flourish
AIP Fish Recipes
Ingredients: salmon fillets, rosemary, olive oil, salt (optional).

Rosemary is an herb often associated with lamb, but it works really well with salmon too. To remove the fronds of rosemary simply run the stems through your fingers, gripping quite firmly, and the fronds will fall off easily. Cooking the salmon in foil helps keep it moist and juicy and also saves on the washing up!

Salmon Confit

– The Healthy Foodie
AIP Fish Recipes
Ingredients: skinless salmon fillets, lemon, dill, sea salt, maple sugar flakes or maple sugar, extra-virgin olive oil or oil of choice.
Photo Credit: Sonia from The Healthy Foodie

This confit recipe gives the salmon a soft and luxurious texture reminiscent of good smoked salmon but at half the price. It would be ideal served as a starter for a dinner party or a light lunch dish for yourself and the family. It has a rich flavor but with a subtle sweetness from the maple sugar. You can even use frozen salmon fillets for this dish, but remember to defrost them first.

Celery Cilantro Salmon Stew

– Paleo Flourish
AIP Fish Recipes
Ingredients: chicken broth, salmon fillets, Italian squash, button mushrooms, celery, cilantro, salt.

If you have had a busy day and need a fast recipe to give you a satisfying meal, then this one can be the answer. This stew can be ready in less than 30 minutes so you won’t have to wait long. The fresh taste of the celery cuts through the fattiness of the salmon, and the mushrooms add to the meatiness of this stew. If you can’t find Italian squash, you could try using other varieties or if squash isn’t your thing you could add sweet potato instead.

AIP Tuna Recipes

Roasted Cauliflower Broccoli Tuna Bowl

– Paleo Flourish
AIP Fish Recipes
Ingredients: cauliflower, broccoli, olive oil, lemon, salt, canned tuna, parsley.

Tuna is another fish, like salmon, which is packed with omega 3 and healthy fats, and in a dish like this one, can give you a filling and nutritious lunch that you can even take to work. Roasting cauliflower and broccoli gives them a mellower flavor so they do not overpower the taste of the fish and with a simple seasoning of salt and lemon, the whole meal can be enjoyed anytime.

Pan-Fried Apricot Tuna Salad Bites

– Paleo Flourish
AIP Fish Recipes
Ingredients: apricots, canned tuna, thyme, olive oil, sea salt, coconut oil, blueberries.

This is another recipe that gives you amazing party food, or to make for a summery lunch dish. Tuna has a meaty texture and can be quite strong in flavor, so teaming it with fruit is a great idea! Grilling the apricot halves makes them softer, yet they still hold their shape and make great ‘boats’ to carry the fish and blueberries.

Lemon Tuna Salad

– Paleo Flourish
AIP Fish Recipes
Ingredients: cucumber, avocado, lemon juice, canned tuna, olive oil, salt, salad greens (optional).

Tuna is a delicious meaty fish and if you are using canned, it can be a great way to make a satisfying meal at a reduced cost, making it great for people on a lower budget. Combining the fish with fresh cucumber and creamy soft avocado gives you a combination of flavor and texture that will be guaranteed to please for a light summery meal or a quick snack.

AIP Sardine Recipes

Sardine and Scallion Salad

– That Paleo Couple
Ingredients: sardines, garlic, lime, scallions, salt, endive.

When the weather is warm you don’t tend to want food that is fussy or too heavy, so a fish salad would be a great idea. The sardines have a wonderful flavor that is complemented by the freshness of the lime and scallions and this dish would be perfect served on its own or on lettuce wraps. This could also make a fantastic packed lunch if you have a busy day at work.

5-Minute Sardines Salad

– Keto Summit

Ingredients: sardines, salad greens, deli meat or bacon or leftover meat, olive oil, lemon juice, salt.

This is such a quick and easy recipe to prepare that it could be your emergency go-to when you are short on time, or if someone drops in unexpectedly for lunch! Sardines are packed with goodness and have a distinctive flavor and meaty texture. So, along with the bacon, this salad is filling and meaty, yet light enough to enjoy for a quick lunch.

AIP Cod Recipes

AIP Oven Baked Cod Fish with Spring Vegetables

– A Squirrel in the Kitchen
Ingredients: cod filets, extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, dill, scallions, lemon, onion, leeks, yellow squash, cilantro.

This delicious fish dish with the freshness of the spring vegetables makes a fantastic lighter option for once the winter blues are past and you need less of the heavier winter meals. As with other AIP dishes, you can feel free to substitute any of the vegetables listed here for others of your choice, but these ones give freshness to the whole meal.

Coconut Crusted Cod with Mango Salsa

– The Paleo Mom
Ingredients: cod fillet, coconut flour, ginger powder, coconut milk, finely shredded coconut, coconut oil, mango, avocado, red onion, cucumber, cilantro, garlic, sea salt, olive oil, lime.

There is something amazing about the look of this homemade salsa – it is packed with textures, colors and flavors and can give a real lift to a simple fish dish. This is like an explosion of taste and would make a great option for a summery dinner party. Cod is a substantial fish which carries the flavor of the coconut really well and it is set off by the zingy lime and sweet mango.

AIP Breaded Fish (Using Cod)

– Paleo Flourish
Paleo AIP Breaded Baked Cod Recipe autoimmune-friendly with garlic ghee sauce
Ingredients: cod fillets or other fish, coconut flour, coconut flakes, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, ghee, garlic, coconut oil.

Cod is the fish we have used for this recipe as it has a meaty and firm texture and holds the crumb coating well. As cod has a definite fishy flavor, it goes really well with the garlic ghee sauce, which could be put in a separate bowl and used for dipping rather than pouring over the fish if you prefer.

Coconut Crusted Cod

-Hold The Grain
Ingredients: cod, coconut milk, coconut flour, shredded coconut, paprika, garlic powder, asparagus, coconut oil, salt, pepper.

The cod in this recipe is complimented by the flavor of the coconut and the paprika helps to add color as well as a tiny heat. It is easier to put a crust on skinned fish and this tends to go down better with the younger members of the family, so it is worth removing any skin before you start. Asparagus may seem an odd choice to go with this dish, but try it! Or if you really don’t like it, serve with veggies of your choice.

AIP Other Fish Recipes

Fish and Leek Sauté

– Paleo Flourish
AIP Fish Recipes #aip #recipes
Ingredients: fish fillets, leek, ginger, coconut aminos, salt, avocado oil.

This recipe is another one that can be used if you are working to a tighter budget as you can use whatever fish you happen to have. Some white fish can be bought frozen in large bags at a low price so keep a stock in the freezer. The ginger and coconut aminos give this dish a bit of a kick, making it perfect to make on a hot summer day or for a quick and easy lunch.

Garlic Lime Mahi-Mahi

– That Paleo Couple
Ingredients: avocado oil, lime, garlic, sea salt, Mahi-Mahi.

Mahi is the Hawaiian name for this fish, although nowadays it is possible to get hold of it in fish markets and some stores. When you are marinating this fish, try not to leave it longer than 30 minutes, as the lime juice will start to ‘cure’ the fish if it is left longer. The zingy citrus flavor helps to lift this meal, making it a lighter, summery meal.

Blood Orange Salsa and Tilapia over Broccoli Slaw

– Primally Inspired
Ingredients: wild tilapia fillets or any white fish fillets, blood orange, coconut oil or fat of choice, salt, avocado, red onion, cilantro, lime, olive oil.

Tilapia is another exotic fish which is becoming more readily available all over the world, so keep an eye open for it. It is a meaty white fish which easily takes on the citrus hits from the salsa, and the combination of colors and flavors are amazing. When you are frying the fish, keep an eye on the crust as it can easily burn if you are not careful!

Mahi with Crispy Sweet Potato Crust

– Seasonal & Savory
Ingredients: olive oil, sweet potato, Mahi Mahi fillets, salt.

This is another impressive recipe that would be great for a dinner party! It looks like you have taken forever to prepare, but it doesn’t take too long at all. Served on a bed of steamed spinach, this recipe can be versatile, as it works just as well with salmon if you can’t get your hands on Mahi Mahi. The mix of textures really works here, with the crispy sweet potato and the soft fish.

Pan Fried Hake

– Paleo Flourish

paleo fish
Ingredients: hake or other white fish, Swiss chard, coconut oil, ginger, garlic, coconut aminos, salt.

Another great idea for a light meal is this recipe for hake, although it tastes just as good if you use cod or haddock or other white fish. Ginger and garlic are the perfect partners in any cookery, and they give this easy fish dish a great amount of flavor. If you can’t get chard, you could use leeks instead.

Fish Stir Fry

– Paleo on a Budget
Ingredients: fat of choice, bag of vegetables, fish fillets, garlic powder, seasoning, salt, coconut aminos (optional), zucchini noodles (optional).

Looking at the ingredients for this recipe, it struck me that this would be a great recipe for students or for people on a tight budget. After all, the freezer department in your local store is bound to have fish fillets and various veggie mixes at a great price. Using frozen ingredients also means there is no waste – just defrost what you need and keep the rest for later.

Sea Bass with Pancetta and Garlic Sage Pesto

– Cavegirl Cuisine
Ingredients: lemon juice, sage, parsley, garlic, preferred oil, sea salt, pancetta, sea bass fillets.

This fish dish is packed with flavor, as the fish goes really well with the occasional salty hit from the pancetta. Sea bass has quite a gentle flavor, so try not to use an oil with too strong a flavor of its own. Serve with some wilted spinach for a tasty and colorful meal. The garlic pesto can also be served with other fish, or change the sage for basil and serve over chicken.

Pan-Fried Haddock with Lemon & Capers

– Steph Gaudreau
Ingredients: olive oil, avocado oil, garlic, lemon, capers, haddock fillets or white fish, sea salt.

The combination of color and texture in this dish is amazing, and makes what is actually an easy recipe into something that looks so impressive! Lemon and capers give this dish a big lift and transform it into a stunning meal to serve to family and friends. Again this is a versatile recipe as you can use whatever white fish you like or already have in the fridge.

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AIP Fish Recipes #aip #recipes

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