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How AIP Helped Improve Anne’s Synovitis Symptoms

Louise | December 5
How AIP Helped Improve Anne's Synovitis Symptoms
Anne Angelone is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, author, swimmer, meditator, yoga enthusiast, music lover and functional medicine practitioner. You can find out more about Anne here.

Anne’s life before AIP

When Anne was 12 years old, she was enjoying a family vacation in the tropics. She got out of a swimming pool and her left knee was inflamed. The doctors back in New York took a look at it and the results of the blood work showed rheumatoid factor negative. So Anne was officially diagnosed with “synovitis.” Essentially, this means Anne had inflammation in the lining of her joint.

Anne Angelone Headshot

Anne Angelone

So what was Anne told to do? Doctors said to take 12 aspirin per day and wear a splint to immobilize the joint. She did this for a month. Not only was she embarrassed going to school wearing a splint, but she didn’t see any changes. She gave up on that protocol.

When Anne was in high school a few years later, she got the chance to consult with a nutrition writer, who recommended Anne go gluten-free and take cod liver oil daily. And this was in 1982, so this was innovative stuff back then. Anne half-heartedly followed the gluten-free diet and sporadically took the cod liver oil supplements. She was a high-school teenager, so you can’t really blame her… After following this diet (cheating here and there) for a month, Anne didn’t see any benefit.

A couple years later, after Anne graduated from high school, she had an exploratory surgery which confirmed the suspected diagnosis of synovitis. They didn’t prescribe a different treatment option other than the aspirin and splint again… Anne wasn’t optimistic.

She went off to Cornell University and started a quest to get the answers she needed. Anne studied nutrition and took pre-med classes. If she became a doctor, she could probably solve her problems. She also studied Chinese language and went to Taiwan for a year.

In Taiwan, she had her first acupuncture treatment for her knee. It not only decreased swelling but left Anne feeling calm and at peace.

Anne was thrilled. She thought it would change her life and heal her symptoms. So she began to dive deep into the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It treats ailments and disease with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Anne felt optimistic and excited.

Even Traditional Chinese Medicine Didn’t Work For Anne…

Yet, by the time Anne was licensed and practicing acupuncture, her autoimmune reactions began to spread to her other knee, her spine, ribs and both eyes. She began to really worry. She realized that even TCM wouldn’t be enough…

So Anne began researching and found a great Integrative medical doctor. She went gluten-free again (a little different than her high school days this time…), dairy-free, soy-free and nightshade-free.

Finding AIP

Anne did lots of medical tests to learn more about her autoimmune condition in order to begin healing. She found out she had leaky gut, a toxin-filled body, hidden infections, out-of-whack hormones, and other imbalances.

Over time, Anne discovered that a strict no-starch diet was best for treating her autoimmune condition. She also eliminated eggs, potatoes, nuts, seeds, and nightshades.

AIP Helped Anne

When Anne began to strictly follow this diet, she improved dramatically.

The strict autoimmune protocol began to heal her gut, balance her hormones, decrease inflammation and increase her flexibility and strength. Her flare-ups were also fewer and farther between. Along with meditation, yoga and swimming, AIP has helped tremendously to advance Anne’s health.

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