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What is AIP?

AIP stands for the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, and it's an elimination diet designed to help you improve your autoimmune condition symptoms.  AIP started as a version of the Paleo diet, which emphasizes eating real foods that are high in nutrients and low in toxins.  AIP took it a step further by eliminating all potentially problematic foods (e.g., foods likely to cause inflammation or allergic reactions).

What can you eat on AIP?

For the strictest part of AIP, you would omit all nightshades, eggs, nuts, seeds, as well as sticking to a Paleo diet, which means omitting all grains, dairy, and legumes.  Strict AIP goes even further and omits other potentially problematic foods including coffee and chocolate.

So what does mean you can eat?  Lots of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and meats.  Real foods that nourish your body!  We know this change can be really tough at first, which is why our website is filled with delicious AIP recipes.  And you can get a full list of AIP foods here.

We've got tons of AIP recipes on our website...check out all the ones below.

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