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(Updated 2018)

AIP Snickerdoodles Recipe
If you have been around here long enough, you know I adore cinnamon. It has truly been one of my[...]
AIP Gingerbread Bars Recipe
It is no secret that I love gingerbread. It’s also no secret that I love brownies. So, I decided to[...]
AIP Apple Cake Recipe
When I first started an AIP diet, I thought I would have to give up my favorite recipes forever. And[...]
AIP Strawberry Shortcakes Recipe
I love making my AIP versions of my favorite recipes, and I have had strawberry shortcakes on my list of[...]
AIP Gingerbread Cookies
If you thought you would have to give up your favorite desserts when you started an AIP diet, then you'll[...]
AIP Apple Pie Bars
I love apple pie, but I don’t always have the time to make a crust. And I’ve been known to[...]
AIP Dessert Recipes [Egg-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Paleo]
I know how tough being on the autoimmune protocol (AIP) can be, so hopefully this giant list of AIP Dessert[...]
AIP Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Recipe
No matter where you may live in the United States, summer is raspberry season. The South gets first crack at[...]
AIP Ambrosia Berry Salad Recipe
Not all desserts are off-limits for AIP. Fruit salad happens to be a great option. This AIP ambrosia berry salad[...]
AIP Lime and Cilantro Ice Cream Recipe
AIP may take many foods away from you, but you don’t have to give up ice cream. Give this refreshing[...]
AIP Mixed Berry Crumble Recipe
You don’t need to skip dessert if you’re following autoimmune protocol. This AIP mixed berry crumble recipe accounts for your[...]
AIP Sweet Potato Cookies Recipe
We are so used to seeing sweet potatoes in savory preparations, that it is easy to forget their delicate sweetness[...]
26 AIP Popsicle Recipes to Make You Smack Your Lips
Grabbing a nice, refreshing popsicle from the cooler when you're enjoying a sunny day on the beach... That's something you[...]
AIP Creamy Coconut Ice Cream Recipe
Following AIP is not always easy, especially when it comes to dessert! With eggs, nuts, and stevia all off the[...]
34 AIP Easter Recipes You Don’t Want To Miss This Year!
It may seem difficult to put together a tasty Easter dinner when you're on AIP, but fear not! It's not[...]
AIP Madagascan Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe
Minimalism is having a moment right now. From capsule wardrobes to Marie Kondo, everyone seems to be embracing the philosophy[...]
AIP Lemon Popsicle Recipe
Citrus fruits have a magical ability to brighten up any day, whether its snowy and cold or hot and humid.[...]
AIP Pumpkin Pie Recipe
If you’re worried about giving up your favorite sweets when you start AIP, don’t be. Giving up ingredients doesn’t mean[...]
AIP Sweet Beet Cookies Recipe
Baking on autoimmune protocol requires some creativity, but it can be done. Make this AIP sweet beet cookies recipe the[...]
AIP Red Velvet Smoothie Recipe
Red velvet cake is definitely out for those following autoimmune protocol. Luckily, red velvet flavors are not! With this AIP[...]
AIP Coconut Cream Pie Recipe
I gain a lot of inspiration just by being out in the world. Just recently I was at a gathering[...]
AIP Marshmallows Recipe
Marshmallows may not strike you as an autoimmune friendly food. But this AIP marshmallows recipe shouldn't cause any issues for[...]
AIP Avocado Pudding Recipe
Avocado pudding? Yes, it's a thing, and this rich, chocolatey AIP avocado pudding recipe is an innovative dessert that's quick[...]
36 AIP Chocolate Recipes That’ll Make You Say Yes, Please!
For us chocoholics, it can be quite daunting to get started on Paleo autoimmune protocol. I can deal with almost[...]
AIP “Chocolate” Cookies Recipe (Egg-free, Nut-free, Chocolate-free)
Everyone deserves a cookie. It is one of those treats that just makes everybody feel better in their soul. When[...]
AIP Mint Coconut Ice Cream Recipe
Mint steals the show in this AIP mint coconut ice cream recipe. Don’t worry about a hugely tropical flavor –[...]
AIP Golden Milk Popsicles Recipe
Popsicles get a bad rap for their lack of nutritional value. And that may be true of the ones you[...]
AIP Coconut Turmeric Snack Balls Recipe
When you start prepping your meals and snacks for the week, turmeric balls might not spring to mind, but that[...]
AIP Raw Brownie Bites Recipe
Do you want to know the best thing about this AIP raw brownie bites recipe? Because it's raw, you don't[...]
AIP Blueberry Ice Cream Recipe
As the summer heats up everyone craves ways to cool down – and eating ice cream is one of my[...]
AIP Tigernut Granola Recipe
Grains, gluten, and sugar. All of the makings of traditional granola are contrary to your autoimmune diet. Thankfully, this AIP[...]
34 AIP Fourth of July Recipes Perfect for Picnics!
From warm afternoon picnics to evening firework displays, the Fourth of July always make me think of the great foods[...]
AIP Coconut Cassava Pancakes Recipe
You don't have to break your long-term relationship with pancakes just because you're on an autoimmune diet. Try this AIP[...]
AIP Blueberry Coconut Crumble Recipe
This sweet treat is rich in coconut flavor. Serve it for dessert or a luxurious weekend breakfast. What is a[...]
32 Amazing AIP Avocado Recipes
Did you know avocados used to be known as alligator pears? Although they’re technically a giant berry (with a large[...]
AIP Coconut Blondies Recipe
Forget brownies – these delicious ooey gooey blondies are where it's at. Make this AIP coconut blondies recipe to treat[...]
16 Delectable AIP Cheesecake Recipes
Love the delicious texture of cheesecake but can’t eat cheese? No problem! There are so many fantastic AIP-friendly recipes for[...]
36 Sensational AIP Sweet Potato Recipes
Whether you call them sweet potatoes or yams, these little root vegetables are a nutrient and flavor powerhouse for folks[...]
AIP Waffles Recipe
I can't believe I haven't shared this recipe for AIP waffles yet! I recently received a new waffle iron, and[...]
25 Sensational Savory and Sweet AIP Italian Recipes
What’s Italian food without the traditional tomato sauce? But did you know that the tomato is actually a recent addition[...]
AIP Carrot Gummies Recipe
Who says gummies are just for kids? This has got to be the most fun way to get important nutrients.[...]
27 Marvelous AIP Muffin Recipes
From luscious muffin tops to two-bite morsels, muffins can be a decadent breakfast treat or a travel-friendly meal on the[...]
27 AIP St. Patrick’s Day Recipes Worth a Pot of Gold!
We're all a little Irish on St. Patrick's Day. And being on AIP doesn't have to mean missing out on[...]
33 AIP Cookie Recipes To Keep Cravings At Bay
It's easy to think that cookies are completely forbidden when you first go on AIP (autoimmune protocol). After all, traditional[...]
23 Luscious AIP Brownie Recipes
Eggs, sugar, and dairy: brownies must be your worst nightmare on an AIP diet, right? Wrong! With a few easy[...]
22 Classy AIP Cake Recipes
Even though you are following a strict eating plan, I think it is important that you occasionally have a welcome[...]
Coconut and Banana AIP “Chocolate” Brownies Recipe
You'll go bananas for these brownies. Moist and rich, this decadent dessert has just a hint of coconut and banana[...]
25 AIP Christmas Recipes That Will Make You Jolly
Being a follower of AIP probably means you have a diet-related health issue, so I am delighted to bring you[...]
Instant Pot Coconut Yogurt Recipe [Paleo, Keto, AIP]
For those of us who stay dairy-free, coconut yogurt is amazing. It’s creamy, healthy, and perfect for breakfast no matter[...]
Coconut-Free AIP Desserts: 17 Autoimmune-Friendly Recipes (+ Downloadable List)
It can be hard finding coconut-free AIP dessert recipes! (AIP is a diet that helps many people with autoimmune conditions.)[...]
21 Divine AIP Ice Cream Recipes To Enjoy All Summer Long
Being on the AIP diet (autoimmune protocol) is tough! In particular, you have to give up so many delicious comfort[...]
36 AIP Gelatin Recipes [Paleo, Autoimmune-Friendly, Egg-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free]
You've probably already heard that gelatin is healthy for you - from healing digestive issues, improving hair and skin, to[...]
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