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AIP Apple Cake Recipe

Amy | October 5

When I first started an AIP diet, I thought I would have to give up my favorite recipes forever. And honestly, that is why I started this blog – because I didn’t want to give up my favorite recipes. 

And I don’t want you to feel like you have to give up all of your favorite recipes as well.

So, in my constant journey to recreate AIP versions of my favorite recipes, I have created this AIP apple cake. And not only is it a showstopper dessert, it’s practically impossible to guess that it’s AIP.

It truly tastes like a traditional apple cake. But it’s better since it doesn’t have any inflammatory ingredients. 

So, you can enjoy each bite with zero guilt or worry about it ruining your AIP diet.
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AIP Cinnamon Muffins Recipe

Amy | October 5

Honestly, breakfast can be tricky when you follow an AIP diet. Without eggs, so many recipes just aren’t possible!

That’s why I like to create so many AIP breakfast recipes – to help start your day in a healthy and delicious way.

And I am sure I succeeded with this AIP Cinnamon Muffins recipe. It is loaded with delicious cinnamon and has a sweet glaze that makes it feel like a decadent treat. 

Even better, your entire family will love it – even those who don’t follow an AIP diet. 

So, grab a bowl and a few easy-to-find ingredients and find out for yourself how delicious these cinnamon muffins are.
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