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AIP Snickerdoodles Recipe

Amy | December 16

If you have been around here long enough, you know I adore cinnamon. It has truly been one of my favorite flavors since childhood.

When I decided to start an AIP lifestyle, I was worried that I would have to give up all of my favorite foods. So, you can imagine how relieved I was to learn that cinnamon is not a nightshade but is actually completely AIP-friendly.

Ever since then, I’ve been on a mission to make as many of my favorite cinnamon-flavor recipes as possible into AIP versions, and I think I’ve done a really good job with it!

My AIP Snickerdoodles recipe is my latest creation, and it is absolutely delicious. 

And my recipe  is completely egg-free, nut-free and gluten-free, which means that family or friends with common food sensitivities can enjoy them without worry. 

Even better, they are completely vegan as well. Truly, your entire family can enjoy these cookies, which means you might need to make several batches!

So, grab a bowl as well as a few easy-to-find ingredients and make a batch of my AIP Snickerdoodles today.

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AIP Gingerbread Pancakes Recipe

Amy | December 15

It is no secret that I love gingerbread! As soon as the first chill is in the air each autumn, that is when I start making every AIP gingerbread recipe imaginable.

And my AIP Gingerbread Pancakes recipe is my newest gingerbread recipe, and it is delicious! 

It has all of the flavors that I adore with gingerbread but absolutely none of the inflammatory ingredients that are found in traditional gingerbread recipes.

Plus, it is completely vegan, which makes it not only allergy-friendly but also a great recipe for plant-based family or friends.

And be sure to check out my AIP Gingerbread Bars Recipe as well as my AIP Gingerbread Cookies Recipe for even more delicious and AIP-friendly gingerbread recipes! 
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AIP Gingerbread Bars Recipe

Amy | November 8

It is no secret that I love gingerbread. It’s also no secret that I love brownies.

So, I decided to combine both of my favorite treats, and this recipe for AIP gingerbread bars is the result. And they are delicious. 

Plus, they have a fudgy texture like traditional brownies but without the fudge, of course. And they are even better the next day. That is, if you have any leftover!

And not only are they completely AIP-friendly, but they are also vegan as well. That means that you can serve them to all of your holiday guests without having to worry about food allergies or dietary preferences.

So get out your blender and a few easy-to-find ingredients and whip up a batch of these AIP gingerbread bars today! Continue reading

AIP Pumpkin Spice Loaf Recipe

Amy | November 2

When I first started an AIP diet, I thought eating all of my favorite baked goods were over.

No dairy, no eggs, no wheat – how could I possibly enjoy all of the baked goods I love without those ingredients?

So, I started creating AIP recipes because I didn’t want to miss out on all of my favorite foods, and I created this website because I didn’t want you to miss out on all of your favorite foods either.

Because I couldn’t go through another holiday season without enjoying a pumpkin spice loaf, I decided to make my own AIP version and it is delicious.

Delicious pumpkin spices and real pumpkin make it a pumpkin loaf that you won’t soon forget. And your non-AIP family and friends will love it, too. 

So, grab a bowl (or two) and a few AIP-friendly ingredients and make this AIP pumpkin spice loaf today! Continue reading

AIP Apple Cake Recipe

Amy | October 5

When I first started an AIP diet, I thought I would have to give up my favorite recipes forever. And honestly, that is why I started this blog – because I didn’t want to give up my favorite recipes. 

And I don’t want you to feel like you have to give up all of your favorite recipes as well.

So, in my constant journey to recreate AIP versions of my favorite recipes, I have created this AIP apple cake. And not only is it a showstopper dessert, it’s practically impossible to guess that it’s AIP.

It truly tastes like a traditional apple cake. But it’s better since it doesn’t have any inflammatory ingredients. 

So, you can enjoy each bite with zero guilt or worry about it ruining your AIP diet.
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AIP Cinnamon Muffins Recipe

Amy | October 5

Honestly, breakfast can be tricky when you follow an AIP diet. Without eggs, so many recipes just aren’t possible!

That’s why I like to create so many AIP breakfast recipes – to help start your day in a healthy and delicious way.

And I am sure I succeeded with this AIP Cinnamon Muffins recipe. It is loaded with delicious cinnamon and has a sweet glaze that makes it feel like a decadent treat. 

Even better, your entire family will love it – even those who don’t follow an AIP diet. 

So, grab a bowl and a few easy-to-find ingredients and find out for yourself how delicious these cinnamon muffins are.
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