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AIP Stuffed Chicken Breast

Louise Hendon | November 8

Chicken makes a great canvas for creative kitchen artistry. Serve it to a friend or partner and they’ll think you spent all day cooking this flavorful concoction.

Most stuffed chicken recipes call for cheese. I made this dish AIP compliant by subbing out the cheese and adding a rich pesto and cauliflower filling.

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19 Fast and Easy AIP Dinner Recipes That Take Under 30 Minutes

Louise Hendon | November 6

Some nights you’re in a hurry…

And you don’t have time to make something elaborate for dinner.
Or spend hours trying to find an AIP-friendly recipe to follow.

But that doesn’t mean you have to eat the same quick ‘n’ easy go-to meals over and over again.

Just keep this list of 30-minute dinner recipes handy.

If you’re looking for a soup or side dish…

  • Parsnip Carrot Mash with Lemon Zest & Thyme
  • Creamy Leek & Salmon Soup
  • Quick Onion Soup

You can serve these as a starter (in smaller portions) or eat them as a main dish.

If you feel like eating a light salad…

  • Thai Beef Lettuce Wraps
  • Pomegranate Chicken Salad
  • Steak Salad with Arugula

They might be light on the stomach but these options are full of flavor.

If you want some simple patties to throw on the grill…

  • Savory Herb Breakfast Patties
  • Lamb & Leek Burgers with Lemon Cream

Pair these patties with AIP Dinner Rolls for the perfect AIP burger and bun.

Or you’re after something a little more hearty…

  • Roasted Garlic & Artichoke Stuffed Chicken
  • One Pan Baked Chicken Thighs
  • Steak Medallions with Ginger Asparagus Mushroom Sauté
  • Zucchini Noodles with Scallops & Bacon

These dishes are filling and satisfying even though they’re quick to make.

You can read through the list of recipes here or download it to read later by clicking on the green button below.
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AIP Waldorf Salad

Louise Hendon | November 1

If you eat the same salad every day, it’s easy to become bored. Fortunately, this AIP waldorf salad offers an amazingly unconventional lunch or dinner option.

Perhaps the signature feature of a traditional waldorf salad is its mayonnaise base. To make this version AIP-friendly, I created a homemade dressing that pairs nicely with apples, celery, and grapes.

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AIP Cauliflower Dip

Louise Hendon | October 17

This versatile, tasty dip will add some flavor to your veggies without compromising the healing effects of your AIP diet.

Going AIP can be a huge change. From birthday parties to getting together to watch football on the weekend, food is often a central part of social gatherings. It’s easy to miss your favorite meals and snacks, but it’s exciting to find new favorites too.

This dip has all the craveability of your traditional store-bought (and likely inflammatory) dips. For that reason, make sure you keep yourself from going overboard if you decide to make a larger portion.

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AIP Loco Moco Burger

Louise Hendon | October 5

This is no ordinary burger. Take one bite of this satisfying, deeply flavored version of the Hawaiian classic and you’ll want it in your regular recipe rotation. This version is topped with creamy, high-fiber avocado and delicious diced beetroot.

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17 Relaxing AIP Herbal Tea Recipes

Louise Hendon | August 28

AIP herbal teas are great as more than just a warming drink to sip in winter – here are four other ways you can use them:

  1. If you can’t have coffee, our Coconut, Rose & Earl Grey Tea Latte is a good swap to make.
  2. Iced Tea recipes are a great way to cool down in the heat – there are a couple here you can try, like the classic Cold Brew Iced Tea with Lemon & Mint or the more inventive Honeysuckle Tea.
  3. Herbal teas can be used to add a refreshing twist to morning smoothies or make sweets, the Hibiscus Gummies in this post are just one example.
  4. Plus, herbal teas are used as wellness remedies in many cultures across the world.

These herbal tea recipes also feature many common herbs, like:

  • Chamomile, which is often used for relaxation and calming.
  • Turmeric, which is often a traditional remedy for colds or tummy troubles.
  • Ginger, which is often used for soothing sore throats and digestive problems.
  • Licorice root, which is often used to calm the respiratory system and strengthen the immune system

From a Chamomile Mint Tea to help you unwind before bed, to a Cold Bustin’ Elderberry Tea and an Antioxidant Wellness Tea, we’ve found plenty of options you can try when you’re feeling stressed, tense or just under the weather.
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AIP Italian Burgers Recipe [Paleo, Keto]

Louise Hendon | August 14

Grass-fed beef burgers are not only AIP, Paleo, and Keto, but they’re also just really tasty and easy to make.

So, whip these up no matter what diet you’re on. You can also switch out the seasonings or add in some vegetables to change the flavors.

Here are some different seasoning options for AIP burgers:

  • Thai Burgers – Chopped fresh basil leaves with a dash of coconut aminos
  • Onion Burgers – Finely chopped green onions with onion powder
  • Garlic Burgers – Finely chopped onions with garlic powder
  • Veggie Burgers – Finely chopped asparagus, spinach, and green onions

Test them out and see which one is your favorite. Personally, I find the onions with garlic are delicious every time!

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30 Appetizing AIP Fish Recipes [Nut-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free]

Louise Hendon | August 11

The AIP diet (paleo autoimmune protocol) can often feel very restrictive, and it’s really tough to always be looking through recipes and figuring out if they’re AIP-compliant or not.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of AIP fish recipes, with options for every meal of the day. These recipes are also great if you’re staying nut-free, egg-free, or dairy-free.

You can try Salmon for Breakfast to start your morning, or if you’re looking for lunch ideas there’s the 5-Minute Sardines Salad and Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Ham Wraps.

And there are also some great dinner options to try – entertaining guests at home is the best way to stop your social life taking a nosedive while you’re in the elimination phase of AIP.

Baked Salmon with Cabbage, Apple, Fennel, Mahi with Crispy Sweet Potato Crust and Pan-Fried Apricot Tuna Salad Bites all look impressive but are very easy to prepare. That way, you can spend more time resting and healing your autoimmune condition instead of slaving in the kitchen!

Here are some of the fish used in our list of AIP fish recipes:

  • Salmon – a nutrient dense food full of healthy omega-3 fats,
  • Tuna – which is packed with protein,
  • Sardines – an oily fish that protects bone health and controls inflammation.
  • Cod – an important source of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).
  • Plus other types of fish – like cod, haddock, and Hake, as well as tilapia and mahi mahi. Although if a recipe calls for white fish you can normally use whichever type you have available.

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12 Hearty AIP Pizza Recipes

Louise Hendon | August 2

Good news for AIP dieters –

You can’t eat wheat. You can’t eat dairy.

But you can still eat pizza!

All you have to do is make some changes to your pizza base and then be careful to keep your toppings AIP-friendly.

Here are the most common types of AIP pizza bases:

  • Coconut flour and tapioca flour pizza bases
    Like the AIP Pizza Crust and the NY Style Thin Crust Pizza
  • Plantain-based pizzas
    Like the Ham and Pineapple Pizza and the Bacon and Kale Pizza
  • Flatbread-based pizzas
    Like the BBQ Chicken Pizza and the Italian Sausage Paleo Flatbread Pizza

And the most inventive AIP pizza recipe we’ve come across?

It’s a tie between the Raw Chocolate Brownie Fruit Pizza and the Pizza Meatballs.
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26 Delightful AIP Drinks Recipes

Louise Hendon | July 24

There’s something a lot of us never think about before we start AIP (paleo autoimmune protocol).

You see, we’re all too caught up with working out which foods are good/bad and which meals we’re going to make…

…and we forget about the other important part of our diet.

None of us only drink water, right?

We all enjoy smoothies, juices, coffee, mocktails, cocktails…

And being on the autoimmune diet doesn’t mean giving these things up.

Blueberry Coconut Yogurt Smoothie, Cardio Green Juice and Pineapple Smoothie are all tasty AIP-compliant drinks filled with nutrients – try adding them to your breakfast or as a post-workout energy booster.

If you fancy something fizzy for later in the day, we’ve found recipes for a Berry Fizz Mocktail, Strawberry, Honey & Lime Spritzer, and Homemade Cranberry Juice.

Not forgetting our AIP coffee recipe, of course!
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