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Coconut-Free AIP Desserts: 17 Autoimmune-Friendly Recipes (+ Downloadable List)

Louise Hendon | July 5

It can be hard finding coconut-free AIP dessert recipes! (AIP is a diet that helps many people with autoimmune conditions.)

You’re already cutting out gluten, dairy, nut flours, eggs, nut butters…

So if you happen to be bored or allergic to coconut as well, then it can seem like there’s really nothing you can eat when it comes to desserts!

Coconut Ingredients and Their Substitutions

Just think of all the coconut ingredients you typically see in AIP dessert recipes:

  • Coconut cream,
  • Coconut milk,
  • Coconut shreds or flakes,
  • Coconut oil,
  • Coconut butter, and even
  • Coconut water!

What can you use instead of coconut?

Unfortunately, there are no great substitutions when you’re staying AIP, but here are some general ideas. (If you’re not AIP, then we have a post on general coconut substitutions here.)

  • Coconut flour – Use Tapioca, Cassava, or Tigernut flour
  • Coconut shreds or flakes – Use dried fruits
  • Coconut butter – no good substitution available
  • Coconut oil – olive oil, avocado oil
  • Coconut milk – no good substitution available
  • Coconut cream – frozen bananas, mangos, and pineapples blended or mashed avocados

Making AIP easier for you…

So this list of coconut-free AIP desserts is for those of you who want to stay coconut-free while on an AIP (Paleo autoimmune protocol) diet. If you’re looking for other AIP dessert recipes, then check out our bigger list here.

As always, remember to check the ingredients list for each recipe to make sure they don’t contain anything you’re sensitive to. Although they all fit the AIP guidelines and won’t break your diet, you’re the best judge of what makes your autoimmune symptoms flare up.

Enjoy these coconut-free AIP desserts even if you’re not on AIP

Whether you’re Paleo or just gluten/dairy-free, these treats are the perfect healthy indulgences. And if you’ve got an allergy to coconut (or you’re just plain sick of the taste) but still want to enjoy a sweet treat, this is a great list of solutions.
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Easy AIP Chicken Salad Recipe with Honey Lemon Dressing [Paleo, Dairy-Free]

Louise Hendon | June 2

One of my favorite foods to make on the AIP diet (autoimmune protocol) is salads. And AIP chicken salads are one of the easiest recipes!

If you have leftover roast chicken, then this is AIP chicken salad recipe is perfect for it. But if you don’t have any leftovers, then just bake or poach a chicken breast.

And for the dressing, I’ve made a simple honey and lemon salad dressing that you can also whip up in a few minutes!

I highly suggest making this dish for a super quick and hassle-free lunch. Creating easy AIP meals will enable to you have a ton more time to rest and heal your autoimmune condition without the stress of what to eat.
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AIP Beetroot Dip Recipe [Paleo, Dairy-Free]

Louise Hendon | May 31

Beets (AKA beetroot) are a great vegetable to start enjoying on the AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet.

In particular, they’re great as a substitute for tomatoes as they have a reddish color and lend a touch of sweetness to any dish.

While beets are often used in salads, they also make great dips.

If you’re using uncooked beets, then you’ll need to boil them first to soften them (or roast them if you prefer). And then peel them once they’re cooked and cooled.

Technically you can also make this dip using raw beets but I prefer the cooked flavor (it’s also easier on your blender and knife).

Once soft, just blend with your favorite ingredients to create a delicious and naturally-sweet dip to use with your favorite AIP foods (I’ve listed some below you can enjoy it with).

While this autoimmune-friendly beet dip recipe might sound like it takes a bit of time to make, most of that time is just cooking the beets. The rest is really simple (especially since the beets are easy to peel and blend once they’re soft).

And if you’re from the UK, then you’ll know this as beetroot dip.
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21 Divine AIP Ice Cream Recipes To Enjoy All Summer Long

Louise Hendon | May 5

Being on the AIP diet (autoimmune protocol) is tough! In particular, you have to give up so many delicious comfort foods and desserts – like ice cream!

​Eggs and dairy are two non-AIP ingredients that you’ll commonly find in ice cream recipes. So what can you do?

Luckily, there are AIP ice creams you can eat. We’ve scoured the web and found a bunch of divine AIP ice cream recipes you can make at home. And don’t forget that these are also all dairy-free and Paleo ice cream recipes and many are even vegan-friendly. So enjoy them for a healthy treat no matter which diet you’re on.

We’ve also added in some autoimmune-friendly popsicle and bonbon recipes for you to try too. You can enjoy these delicious cold treats without worrying that it’ll break your diet or make your autoimmune symptoms flare up.​ (Of course, if you know you’re sensitive to an ingredient, you should still avoid it even if it’s AIP-compliant.)

You can get this entire list of AIP ice cream recipes emailed to you as a PDF by clicking the green button below or use the table of contents to jump around this post.

How can AIP ice creams be creamy without dairy or eggs?

That’s what I thought when I first came across ice cream on the autoimmune protocol. But autoimmune-friendly ingredients like coconut cream, bananas, plantains, sweet potatoes, and even mangos can provide a ton of creaminess in these AIP ice creams.

How do you make AIP ice cream?

In general, most of these AIP recipes will turn out better if you use an ice cream maker. It’ll also save your arm a lot of stirring, but you can make many of these recipes just in a bowl – put it into your freezer and remember to stir the ice cream often so that it doesn’t just freeze as one big ice block.

For many of the frozen fruit recipes, they are magical and can often be made in just a few minutes in your blender and ready to eat.

So give these recipes a try – they’ll keep you cool in the summer heat and put a smile on your face.
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25 Marvelous AIP Chicken Recipes

Louise Hendon | April 28

Chicken is the most popular meat in the US, so we couldn’t let all of you on AIP (paleo autoimmune protocol) go without AIP chicken recipes.

We have a ton of delicious AIP chicken recipes lined up for you below. From traditional gut-healing chicken soups to delicious chicken fingers and orange chicken recipes, we’ve really got you covered here.

This way, you can spend your time healing your autoimmune condition by eating healthy and delicious foods rather than scouring the internet for recipes that are AIP-compliant!
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22 Refreshing AIP Salad Recipes (Perfect For The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol)

Louise Hendon | February 15

It’s always tough finding good recipes that fit the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) especially when nuts, tomatoes, peppers, and eggs are out. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 24 AIP salad recipes.

Salads are quick and easy to throw together, but they’re super nutritious and delicious. Vegetables are nutrient-dense and provide you with lots of healthy fiber to help your gut heal.

Some of the AIP salads can be an entire meal while others make a perfect side dish to your meal or as a quick snack during the day. Many of the salads also make great lunches.

If you’d like this list of 22 AIP salad recipes emailed to you as a PDF, then just click the green button below.
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15 Nourishing AIP Bread Recipes

Louise Hendon | December 16

If you’re on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), then you’ll know it’s tough to get good AIP bread recipes. Without eggs or nut flours or regular flours, it’s really tough to make bread! So, we’ve compiled a list of the best AIP bread recipes on the web to make life easier for you.

As usual, you can download this list of recipes as a PDF to keep this list of recipes handy. Just click the green button below for us to email this list of AIP bread recipes to you.
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AIP Trail Mix Recipe – Tropical Flavor [Nut-Free, Paleo, Allergy-Free]

Louise Hendon | November 7

Most trail mixes use nuts and seeds as the ingredients, so it’s tough to find ready-made AIP (Paleo autoimmune protocol) trail mix. But luckily, you can easily create your own AIP trail mix recipe with all your favorite ingredients.

I went for a tropical flavor with this AIP trail mix recipe – mango slices and coconut flakes and freeze-dried berries give a slight crunch, sweetness, and slight chewy texture to this trail mix.

Feel free to experiment with your own flavors if you have trouble getting these specific ingredients.
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36 AIP Gelatin Recipes [Paleo, Autoimmune-Friendly, Egg-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free]

Louise Hendon | November 5

You’ve probably already heard that gelatin is healthy for you – from healing digestive issues, improving hair and skin, to simply being a great source of protein. (And if you’re looking for a book with more general gelatin recipes and information about the health benefits of gelatin, then check out The Gelatin Secret here.)

However, in addition to all the potential health benefits that gelatin offers, it’s also a fantastic ingredient to have handy when you’re on an egg-free diet like AIP (paleo autoimmune protocol).

Gelatin (when mixed with a bit of warm water) can by used as a substitute for eggs in a variety of baked goods so that you can still enjoy delicious cookies or pancakes even if you can’t eat eggs.

These AIP gelatin recipes are also completely Paleo and gluten-free as well as egg-free, nut-free, and dairy-free! So enjoy these delicious recipes guilt-free.

Note – if you’re sticking strictly to AIP, then use alcohol-free vanilla in the recipes. Some of the recipes use carob powder as an AIP alternative to chocolate powder as well. And as always, if you don’t tolerate certain ingredients (even if they’re considered healthy, Paleo, AIP, or otherwise), stop eating it for a while and do some testing to ensure there aren’t any other underlying health problems.
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AIP Bread Rolls Recipe [Paleo, Keto, Egg-Free, Nut-Free]

Louise Hendon | October 5

If you’re on an AIP diet or a ketogenic diet, then having good bread is tough! So if you’re looking for a low carbohydrate egg-free, nut-free, and dairy-free bread recipe that’s AIP and Ketogenic, then this AIP bread rolls recipe is what you’re looking for!

Because this recipe uses a gelatin egg instead of a regular egg to hold the coconut flour together, you will find that it has a different texture to regular bread. The coconut flour also makes the bread a bit denser and drier, so enjoy it with some extra coconut oil or with some ghee (if you’re ok with ghee in your diet).
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40 AIP Crockpot Recipes [Autoimmune-Friendly, Nut-Free, Nightshade-Free, Egg-Free, Paleo]

Louise Hendon | August 19

When you’re sticking to an AIP diet (Paleo autoimmune protocol), you want to spend your time and energy healing your body rather than cooking all day long. That’s why the crockpot (slow cooker) is an essential device! In fact, if you’re cooking for the entire family, then we suggest you get two slow cookers so you cook multiple dishes at the same time!

If you already have a crockpot, then these AIP crockpot recipes will help you save time in the kitchen. Many of the recipes are just throw into the pot and leave until dinner time recipes, but we’ve also got AIP crockpot desserts and veggie side dishes too. So check out the table of contents below and jump straight to whatever dish you want to get started with today.
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