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AIP Ground Beef Breakfast Casserole

Louise Hendon | April 24

I love breakfast casseroles because they are so easy to make. Unlike pancakes, or waffles, or fried eggs, a breakfast casserole won’t have you standing in the kitchen for hours cooking no matter how many people are sitting at the table. But just because casseroles are easy, doesn’t mean they are bland. Just look at this AIP ground beef breakfast casserole! One casserole will easily feed 8 people and it’s chock full of flavor forward ingredients. The ground beef is the backbone of this breakfast dish, highlighted by the spinach and the peaches (or apples, just go for what’s in season) and finished off with a creamy cauliflower coconut sauce, spiked with tart lemon. All and all, it’s great breakfast that hits all the notes you want without any dairy or nightshades.

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34 AIP Easter Recipes You Don’t Want To Miss This Year!

Louise Hendon | April 16

It may seem difficult to put together a tasty Easter dinner when you’re on AIP, but fear not! It’s not as difficult as you think, and you won’t have to make separate dishes for yourself and the rest of the family.

This recipe collection includes appetizers, entrees, side dishes and desserts that will all make you smack your lips. I’m pretty sure no-one will even realize they are AIP-compliant unless you decide to tell them!

To get the party started, I’ve added some of my favorite breakfast and brunch recipes. For me, the holidays (any holidays, really) are all about slow mornings and spending time with your loved ones, so I like recipes that are easy to whip up or prepare ahead. Casseroles are always a hit, and you won’t need much time for preparation.

Some of the appetizers on this list would make great breakfast dishes, also! For example the salmon cakes; they are sooo tasty – and also quite inexpensive, if you’re cooking for a large crowd.

If you wish to get by with as little cooking as possible, go with the pressure cooker pot roast and some bacon wrapped asparagus. But here’s my best advice: do not skip dessert!

My favorite dessert in this collection is probably the coconut cream pie, and you won’t have to be a professional chef to make it! If you want something even easier, try the blueberry crumble. Your guests will be talking about it long after the holidays!

Click here to see how you can make a super easy Easter morning breakfast pudding that is AIP-compliant!

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AIP Lamb Stew Recipe

Louise Hendon | April 11

AIP can be a drag because of the long list of things you can’t eat. Fortunately, lamb is not on that list.

Try this AIP lamb stew recipe, which has a deep, earthy flavor you won’t be able to resist.

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AIP Madagascan Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Louise Hendon | April 5

Minimalism is having a moment right now. From capsule wardrobes to Marie Kondo, everyone seems to be embracing the philosophy that less is more. But what about dessert? I would argue that minimalism has a place in desserts too, and to make my point, look no further than this AIP Madagascan vanilla ice cream. This ice cream is free from dairy and refined sugar and it only has three ingredients. It doesn’t get much more minimal than that! Sure, you could easily use your vanilla ice cream as a blank canvas and dress it up with fruit, or nuts, or other toppings. But I’m here to tell you, if you invest in high quality ingredients for this recipe, this vanilla ice cream can stand on its own.

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AIP Lemon Popsicle Recipe

Louise Hendon | April 5

Citrus fruits have a magical ability to brighten up any day, whether its snowy and cold or hot and humid. I’ll add lemon to almost anything, from cakes, to fish, to hot dricks, and beyond. There aren’t many flavors that lemon does not pair well with. These AIP lemon popsicles showcase one of my favorite flavor combos, lemon and honey. Like lemon, honey is one of those ingredients that I find myself reaching for no matter the weather. In the winter, I drink hot water with lemon and honey to warm up. In the summer, these popsicles use the same flavors to cool you down. This recipe couldn’t be easier. Popsicles last a while in the freezer, so if you have enough molds, doubling with recipe ensures that there are enough popsicles in your freezer for everyone.

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AIP Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe

Louise Hendon | March 28

For many people, the hardest part of embracing AIP is giving up take out and eating out at restaurants. Luckily, we’re here to make that process a little bit easier with this AIP sweet and sour chicken recipe. This recipe takes everything you love from your favorite Chinese food restaurant and mixes it up to create an easy meal that comes together in only 20 minutes Not to mention it’s AIP-friendly! So, if you find yourself craving takeout on your drive home, don’t reach for the phone a menu, just whip up this sweet and sour chicken to satisfy your cravings the right way!

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AIP Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Louise Hendon | March 28

If you’re worried about giving up your favorite sweets when you start AIP, don’t be. Giving up ingredients doesn’t mean giving up dessert! Look no further than this AIP pumpkin pie. It’s got everything you look for in a pie from the tender spiced coconut flour crust to the creamy dairy-free pumpkin filling. One pie will serve 5-6 people and even your non-AIP friends will ask you for this recipe. It’s the perfect ending to any dinner party and I mention it takes less than an hour to make? That’ll be our little secret. So, what are you waiting for? It’s pie time!

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