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36 Free And Fantastic AIP Butternut Squash Recipes

Louise Hendon | November 11

Butternut squash is easily available in most parts of the world, and its mild and sweet flavor has made it one of my personal favorites. It’s perfect for anyone on AIP because it contains plenty of nutrients, like Vitamin A and C, potassium and magnesium.

In theory, also the hard skin of the squash is edible. But the flavor is bitter and we all know how difficult it is to peel, right? If you’d prefer cooking your butternut squash without cutting it, we have great tips for you here.

Sometimes butternut squash is referred to as the winter squash. This name can be misleading since butternut squash is harvested in early fall.

They’re called winter squash because they can be stored for months in a cool and dark place (which is great, if you happen to have a cellar at your house!)

In Latin America, squash is commonly made into candy. While we are not sharing a butternut squash candy recipe here, we’ve included several dessert recipes that have turned this yummy veggie into even yummier treats!

It’s hard to pick a favorite but I bet you are going to fall in love with all the cakes – and definitely the persimmon dessert cups!

For breakfast, I would recommend trying one of the hash recipes. Or perhaps you’re more interested in a nice breakfast soup?

Besides breakfast, we’ve included several delicious butternut squash soup recipes that are easy to make for lunch or dinner. I always make a little extra because, in my opinion, the leftover soup tastes even better the next day!

Butternut squash can also be turned into tasty “rice” or noodles. Try the “mac and cheese” that contains no dairy, or go straight for the lasagna!

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34 AIP Zucchini Recipes You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Louise Hendon | October 26

Zucchini is much more versatile than most people realize. I often see people making zucchini salads, or adding it to their vegetable patties. However, you can make almost anything from this wonder veggie.

Zucchinis make a great gluten-free alternative for regular pasta, and making lasagna from them guarantees you a super moist result. (If you’re interested in even more pasta alternatives that are AIP-friendly, we’ve got a full collection for you here.)

This inexpensive vegetable is available year ’round in most places, and its anti-inflammatory components, such as Vitamins C and A, make zucchini the perfect ingredient for anyone on an AIP diet. It has a subtle flavor – juicy, and not too overpowering. If you have a picky eater in your house, try serving crunchy zucchini fries and I bet they will ask for seconds!

Zucchini contains a lot of water, as well as fiber. If you are experiencing digestion issues, you might benefit from adding more zucchini in your diet. And that’s where this recipe collection comes in handy.

No-one likes to eat the same vegetable, cooked in the same way, over and over again. Everyone should be able to enjoy delicious meals and desserts, even if they are on a special diet.

Yes – I said desserts! It may sound strange but zucchini is actually one of my favorite dessert ingredients. It gives bread, muffins, and smoothies just the right kind of texture and adds more moisture.

Don’t know where to get started? Here are a few tips:
* For dinner – try the zucchini and beef casserole with carrot and beef sauce
* For breakfast – make a creamy zucchini blueberry smoothie
* For lunch – enjoy some roasted garlic zucchini hummus
* For dessert – you can’t miss with lemon zucchini bread!

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AIP Roasted Bone Marrow Recipe

Louise Hendon | October 16

There are lots of readers that may be turned off by the idea of eating roasted bone marrow, but hear me out. Bone marrow has been a popular ingredient for ages, and many cultures have found the insides of beef bones to be a delicacy. Today, roasted bone marrow is a rich appetizer served in some of the most elegant of restaurants.

While it may be a symbol of extravagance, the truth is making roasted bone marrow at home is not that complicated. What seems like it should take a long time and a skilled hand is actually a pretty straightforward process. This AIP roasted bone marrow recipe will walk you through the simple steps, and you will be snacking on the rich flavor in no time.

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35 Easy And Appetizing AIP Tuna Recipes For Busy Cooks

Louise Hendon | October 16

Did you know the yellowfin tuna is a super fast swimmer that can reach a speed of 47mph? I just learned that recently as I was searching for a tuna recipe I could make quickly.

There are tons of easy tuna recipes available out there, but it’s not always easy to find ones that are AIP-friendly. Tuna is a great ingredient for fast and easy meals, but many tuna recipes use nightshades or spices that you have to avoid on AIP.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of AIP tuna recipes so you don’t have to worry about which one to try.
The only problem you may run into is which one of these to try first!

3 Reasons Why You Should Try These AIP Tuna Recipes

1. Tuna, especially canned tuna, is inexpensive and therefore a great choice for budget-friendly cooking. It’s easily available almost anywhere in the world.

2. Tuna is an easy way to add more fish to your diet, even if you’re not a fan of fish recipes. The flavor is mild, and not overpowering – which can be the case with other kinds of fish.

3. Tuna is packed with nutrients, for example:

  • Omega 3s and potassium – great for brain and heart health
  • Vitamin D – great for your bones and arteries
  • Selenium, manganese, and zinc

Tuna casserole, as well as various tuna salads, are staples in many homes but when you’re on AIP you need to make sure you’re only using safe ingredients. We’ve included several delicious tuna salads in this collection; also mayo-free and nut-free to help you stay fully AIP-compliant.

Tuna fish cakes are my favorite, as well as the casseroles as these can be made from canned tuna. But if you can get your hands on fresh, quality tuna there is nothing that beats a nice, juicy tuna steak!

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36 AIP Chocolate Recipes That’ll Make You Say Yes, Please!

Louise Hendon | October 11

For us chocoholics, it can be quite daunting to get started on Paleo autoimmune protocol. I can deal with almost anything in life, as long as you don’t take my chocolaty treats away! Right?

Sorry, you have to hear this from me, but even if chocolate makes you feel like it can solve all your problems, it may, in fact, cause many more. And there is no amount of chocolate that can make me feel as good as a healthy diet does.

Let’s forget about the sugary milk and white chocolate for a while. Should you, or why shouldn’t you eat dark chocolate if you’re on an AIP diet?

Is Dark Chocolate AIP-friendly?

Chocolate is high in Omega-6 fats and phytic acid, and it also contains caffeine. This is why it isn’t considered autoimmune-friendly. If you’re still struggling with your decision, you can read more about it here.

If you have decided to omit chocolate, or you’re thinking about it, don’t worry. I’ve got great news for you! It’s still possible to enjoy your favorite chocolaty treats while not wrecking your diet at the same time.

You won’t believe how delicious and familiar these flavors are until you’ve tried the recipes yourself.

Use Carob Powder To Recreate Your Favorite Chocolate Desserts

Carob is a great alternative for regular chocolate. Carob powder is made from roasted carob tree pods and it resembles cocoa powder so much, that you probably wouldn’t be able to tell which one is which just by looking at them.

Carob powder is sweet, which makes it perfect for all kinds of healthy desserts. It has a slightly nutty taste which, in my opinion, makes these recipes even more delicious.

These brownies, cookies, cakes, “chocolate” bars and other yummy, healthy treats will make sure you won’t have to struggle with those cravings anymore!”

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Dairy-Free Cheesy AIP Zucchini Soup Recipe

Louise Hendon | September 26

Late summer and early fall mean one thing – a surplus of zucchini. You almost can’t walk without tripping over it in some garden households, so you might as well put it to use.

This dairy-free cheesy AIP zucchini soup recipe requires three squash, which will help reduce your end-of-summer stockpile.

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AIP Zucchini and Beef Casserole Recipe with Carrot and Beet Sauce

Louise Hendon | September 23

Perfect for a fall dinner, this AIP zucchini and beef casserole recipe with carrot and beet sauce is a great option to throw in the oven after a relaxing day at the cider mill.

Like carving pumpkins and watching colorful leaves dance about, fall brings to mind savory spices – but many spices are off-limits on autoimmune protocol.

Paprika, chili powder, anise, cumin, allspice, nutmeg, coriander, fennel seed…the list goes on and on.

But this casserole and a great number of other AIP recipes prove that you don’t need spice for everything nice. Here’s how I made this dish delicious without inflammatory add-ons.

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